The LBTC advisory team boasts a strong lineup, including Mr. Stan Larimer, the father of BTS; Mr. Jack Zhang, founder of DAF and founder of ChainFunder; Mr. Du Jun, founder of Jinse Financial and Node Capital; Mr. Zhao Qianjie, Vice President of BTCC; Mr. Bug (Chongge), Co-founder of Yibite, Initiator of ChainPE, founder of Aisi Community; Mr. Sun Zeyu, co-founder of Genesis Capital; Mr. Mei Wenxiang, Founder of ETCWIN; Mr. Ma Haobo, founder of AELF; Wang Dou, founder of JIC Capital; Wu Gang, founder of Bixin.

At present, LBTC is cooperating with,,,,, Cobo Wallet, Bying Wallet,, 2100NEWS, Hackernoon and Japanese real estate developer Silk Road Partners LLC .

The forging nodes (validators) of LBTC include: Bixin mining pool, f2pool, 91pool, BTCC mining pool, etc.

In addition, LBTC is actively exploring new markets and partners to actively build the global community.


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