LBTC is currently listed on 14 exchanges worldwide, including


Among them, the trading volumes on ZB, MXC and Biki are relatively larger.

Users need to sign up and complete KYC verification first.


You need to take the following steps to buy LBTC.

1. Sign up

Let’s take for example. Enter “” in the address bar of your internet browser, and click “Sign up”.

During the registration process, you need to prepare your own mobile phone number or email address, and you need ID information to do KYC certification.

After completing the registration, you will go on the second step.

2. Deposit

You can operate on the exchange’s webpage, or download the APP to trade. Select the fiat trading area, deposite a certain amount of fiat, buy a certain amount of USDT (US dollar stable token, 1 USDT is pegged with 1 US dollar) or a certain amount of BTC, ETH, etc., and then buy LBTC at the price you want.

3. Trading

After holding LBTC  for some time, you can sell LBTC at the right price. At this time, you will have a certain amount of USDT or BTC, ETH, etc. If you want to exchange to fiat, you may sell it in the fiat trading markets.


How do I watch LBTC market quotations and related news?

If you want to check the current price of LBTC at any time, you may visit the following websites.


You can also download, MyToken, AIcoin or other market apps to watch cryptocurrency prices and news anytime and anywhere. And please follow the official twitter of LBTC: to keep updated.

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