2017.12.18 LBTC forked at Bitcoin block height 499999, LBTC was officially born

2017.12.18 LBTC participated in CFC MEETUP blockchain technology special session

2017.12.19 LBTC established Chinese and English community on Telegram

2017.12.21 LBTC Lightning Plan was officially launched

2017.12.25 LBTC participated in the peak feast and the blockchain Christmas Assembly Event

2017.12.27 LBTC participated in the “Blockchain Miles” campaign

2018.1.3 LBTC test network was launched

2018.1.18 LBTC block browser, light wallet and all-node wallet was launched

2018.1.19 LBTC participated in the Finwise2018 Macau Blockchain Summit

2018.1.20 LBTC participated in Bangkok 2018 Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit

2018.1.27 LBTC participated in the “New York Miles” Event

2018.1.27 Stan Larimer is hired as an LBTC project consultant

2018.2.1 LBTC participated in the blockchain technology forum jointly organized by DAEX and LBTC

2018.2.2 LBTC logged in to Coinmarketcap

2018.2.4 LBTC main network was launched


2018.2.4 LBTC publishes Chinese and English Genesis posts on Bitcointalk

2018.2.9 LBTC participated in Japan Blockchain Exchange Conference

2018.2.15 LBTC held the Spring Festival WeChat Public Lottery Event

2018.2.27 LBTC light wallet opened source on Github

2018.3.2 LBTC participated in the Shanghai 3 o’clock blockchain off-line battle

2018.3.7 LBTC participated in the 2018 ASEAN Blockchain Global Summit Forum in Cambodia

2018.3.11 LBTC participated in Shanghai New Blockchain Economic Conference



2018.3.15 LBTC opened up on DigiFinex, the first exchange

2018.3.16 LBTC was invited to participate in the Babbit live broadcast “Bitcoin’s Yesterday Today Tomorrow”

2018.3.19 LBTC promotional video was shown on the NASDAQ big screen in Times Square, New York, USA

2018.3.19 130+ foreign websites and media reported LBTC landing Times Square

2018.3.28 LBTC participated in Moscow blockchain market analysis meeting

2018.3.29 LBTC held LBTC offline meeting-up in Moscow

2018.4.4 LBTC participated in the Hangzhou Blockchain Summit

2018.4.12 LBTC light wallet updated, and updated the language of Russian

2018.4.15 Cobo wallet started to support LBTC transfer

2018.4.16 Reddit Account of LBTC Community was created

2018.4.23 LBTC created Discord community


2018.4.24 LBTC was conducting open source testing

2018.4.25 LBTC participated in the 12th China Investment Annual Summit

2018.4.27 BTCtrade Exchange Opened LBTC Trading

2018.5.4 HyperPay Wallet started to support LBTC transfer

2018.5.4 Coinegg Exchange Opened LBTC recharging and withdrawal

2018.5.4 AEX exchange opened LBTC recharging and withdrawal


2018.5.7 Kcash wallet started to support LBTC transfer

2018.5.8 Bitpie Wallet started to support LBTC transfer

2018.5.16 SWFT Exchange started to support LBTC transactions

2018.5.18 ZB.com exchange opened LBTC recharging and withdrawal


2018.5.22 LBTC participated in the Finwise Tokyo Blockchain Summit

2018.5.22 LBTC and Japan Silk Road Partners LLC reached a strategic partnership

2018.5.24 LBTC landed on FUBT exchange

2018.5.29 LBTC participated in Hangzhou “Distribute Wallet-China Tour”

2018.6.4 LBTC entered into strategic partnership with BTCC and Bitpie

2018.6.12 LBTC participated in the 2018 Blockchain + World Cup & Technology Application Summit Forum

2018.6.15 LBTC announced inactive address and team holdings


2018.6.19 LBTC participated in Suzhou “Distribute Wallet- China Tour”

2018.6.21 LBTC held an open source conference in Shanghai and opened source

2018.6.21 LBTC officially conducted lightning node election campaign



2018.7.5 LBTC Chinese and English promotional videos were officially released on the official website

2018.7.18 LBTC Chinese and English promotional video landed on Youtube

2018.8.1 LBTC main network updated and the node needed to hold 5000 LBTCs to qualify for mining

2018.8.7 LBTC Logged in Exchange Exrates.me

2018.9.3 LBTC and DigiFinex held top-up money transfer activities

2018.9.14 LBTC main network updated, new chain management function was added

2018.9.14 LBTC launched “Spark Governance System”

2018.9.17 The head of the LBTC China community released a “letter to the community”

2018.9.20 LBTC launched LBTC Hero Program

2018.9.21 LBTC light wallet and full-node wallet supports on-chain governance operations

2018.9.30 The first proposal was passed of the LBTC on chain management system [excluding the data before the fork block height 49999]

2018.10.10 LBTC upgraded the main network for the proposal which was passed

2018.10.15 LBTCPC wallet was designed for revision

2018.10.19 The LBTC main network was updated, the LBTC is remapped, and the dead crypto-currency is cleared. A transaction can only take one address on the uncost OUTPUT.

2018.10.29 LBTC released the updated data bulletin. After the update, the total amount of LBTC was 7465926.


2018.11.1 LBTC mobile wallet Mywallet was officially launched

2018.12.13 LBTC participated in the DigiFinex anniversary event

2018.12.18 LBTC first anniversary event

2018.12.20 LBTC settled in Bit.cc

2018.12.24 LBTC launched new exchange GJ.com

2019.2.2 LBTC new white paper was officially released

2019.7.5 LBTCwiki website was officially launched


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