After downloading the full-node wallet from the official website, you can start mining when becoming one of the 101 forging nodes after voting.


NOTE: the following links are all from the official websites of LBTC.

CentOS Download link:

1. Requirements for system:

ubuntu 16.04

2. Installation of dependency library

sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install libzmq5
sudo apt-get install libevent-dev
sudo apt-get install libboost-chrono-dev
sudo apt-get install libboost-filesystem-dev
sudo apt-get install libboost-program-options-dev
sudo apt-get install libboost-serialization-dev
sudo apt-get install libboost-dev

3. Download and unzip


tar -zxvf

4. Command Line

  •  Turn on wallet sync data


  •  Confirm that the block is of the latest block height

▼./bitcoin-cli getblockcount

  • get new address

▼./bitcoin-cli getnewaddress


  •  dump privkey
  • ▼./bitcoin-cli dumpprivkey 1FncXb4QJZ5sNSPErrhAxYwVP1MF71LFgA


  •  import privkey

▼./bitcoin-cli importprivkey L4GPEfZDPPoen1fAyQPoVN7phEnmRN8iCr6mtCq4E9dgZoLkdoaQ

  •  register delegates

▼./bitcoin-cli register 1EguwmLDaeVdDApPdCQaGuNBArggS4iY3k whh1


  •  list delegates

▼./bitcoin-cli listdelegates



“id”: 1,

“address”: “1EguwmLDaeVdDApPdCQaGuNBArggS4iY3k”, “name”: “whh1”



  • vote delegates (Maximum 51 votes)


Note: The calculation of voting weights is based on the balance of addresses. If you want to vote with all your bets, you must transfer all the coins to an address.


▼./bitcoin-cli vote 1FncXb4QJZ5sNSPErrhAxYwVP1MF71LFgA whh1


  • List all the addresses of received votes

▼./bitcoin-cli listreceivedvotes whh1

▼[ “1FncXb4QJZ5sNSPErrhAxYwVP1MF71LFgA”


  •  list voted delegates

▼./bitcoin-cli listvoteddelegates 1FncXb4QJZ5sNSPErrhAxYwVP1MF71LFgA



“name”: “T1”,

“delegate”: “mnMzxN2fk2xxDSvfWEDkvwTXwGAT4Yz9aA”



  •  start mining

satisfy the following conditions.

1.5000 LBTC The balance is greater than or equal to 5000 LBTC

2.The total number of votes is ranked within 101

▼.bitcoin-cli startforging 1EguwmLDaeVdDApPdCQaGuNBArggS4iY3k

  • stop forging

▼./bitcoin-cli stopforging

  •  transfer

▼./bitcoin-cli sendtoaddressnew 1EguwmLDaeVdDApPdCQaGuNBArggS4iY3k 10


  • search the command line help information

▼./bitcoin-cli help


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