Chinese telegram group: English telegram group: Weibo: Twitter: Reddit: Facebook: Medium: Discord: Bitcointalk: Official Wechat public account: lbtcnews Wechat group of LBTC Community: Please scan the QR code at the bottom right of the page to contact James to join the group          … Continue Reading 5.Social Media for LBTC

 The reliability of application of Mimble-Wimble on LBTC 引用自 LBTC developer Kyle By: LBTC (Lightning Bitcoin) Developer   The recent Mimble-Wimble protocol has sparked a wave in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and people are discussing new projects (such as Grin) and existing projects that may apply the protocol… Continue Reading 4.3 Technical Discussion about LBTC

After downloading the full-node wallet from the official website, you can start mining when becoming one of the 101 forging nodes after voting.   NOTE: the following links are all from the official websites of LBTC. CentOS Download link: 1. Requirements for system: ubuntu 16.04 2. Installation of dependency… Continue Reading 3.4 How to be a Delegate of LBTC?

The LBTC team has released a full-node wallet, a web-based light wallet, and an Android mobile wallet, you may find them here. You need to download the wallet suitable for your operating system and install it. For example, in the Android mobile wallet, users can use mnemonics to import their… Continue Reading 3.2 Which Wallets Support LBTC? How to Use Them?

LBTC is currently listed on 14 exchanges worldwide, including   Among them, the trading volumes on ZB, MXC and Biki are relatively larger. Users need to sign up and complete KYC verification first.   You need… Continue Reading 3.1 Where Can I Buy LBTC and How?

The LBTC advisory team boasts a strong lineup, including Mr. Stan Larimer, the father of BTS; Mr. Jack Zhang, founder of DAF and founder of ChainFunder; Mr. Du Jun, founder of Jinse Financial and Node Capital; Mr. Zhao Qianjie, Vice President of BTCC; Mr. Bug (Chongge), Co-founder of Yibite, Initiator… Continue Reading 2.6 Partners & Collaboration of LBTC